Apr. 9th, 2009

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  • 22:04 WTF was up with Billy Bob Thorton on Q today? He was like on crack or something. It was a TOTAL TRAIN WRECK! #
  • 22:07 Take a look at it on video - tinyurl.com/dehwo5 - Billy Bob's Breakdown! #
  • 22:27 @lindsey27 who are you interviewing or interviewing for? #
  • 16:47 clothes shopping is awful - the pants are all too small, the tops are all too big. And no store carries anything that I really look good in. #
  • 16:47 @levarburton w/o the visor - Reading Rainbow was my LOVE as a child :D #
  • 21:09 @samanthamaryann My uncle has one - he does geocaching all the time :) It is really fun! #
  • 21:15 Watching CSI for once - I do love this show :) #
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