Feb. 23rd, 2009

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Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:37 pm
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The Facts
  • My name is Stefanie, and I live in Windsor, Ontario with my boyfriend of almost 6 years, Ryan.
  • We just adopted a furbaby named Marvin (I promise, pictures will come!), a 6mo tabby cat.
  • I have 6 siblings - Katrina (23, and we have a very tumultuous relationship. Is dating and living with a deadbeat named Dan whom most of us dislike), Eric (deceased, passed away on May 4th 2002 from complications of his crippling car accident 10 years earlier), Alex (20, is dating Syndie and is in college for computer networking), Jessica (19, and is a whole whack load of trouble. She has been arrested for prostitution, drug dealing, etc. and she lives on her own currently), Andrew (18, and is currently hospitalized for mental issues. The doctors gave him a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenic, and for the most part he fits the profile), and Curtis (11 almost 12, and is an awesome, intelligent kid).
  • My parents are divorced. My dad (Will) has a common-law wife, Lori, who is a decent person all-around but isn't the best mother and definitely doesn't care as much for her kids and step-kids as she could. Her bio-children are Eric, Jessica, and Curtis. My mom remarried 2 years ago to a nice man named Mike Foster, and he is generally decent. He has 3 kids, only 2 of which I have met and one of whom doesn't talk to him.
  • I was laid off in December from a job that I loved at Wireless Ronin Technologies. I worked with GREAT people there and would have likely worked there until I had children. I am currently tutoring a grade 5 girl and working for my dad once a week in order to make some additional money in addition to the EI that I get every two weeks. We are surviving, but we aren't getting ahead.
  • Ryan is a self-employed graphic designer (8mm Design Inc.) and he is currently working on getting the company off of the ground. He gets somewhat steady work, but december and january were pretty slow in terms of business. I am hoping to work for the company when it expands eventually and become a content manager of some sort.
  • I went to the University of Windsor from 2002-2007 and received a Bachelor of Creative Writing and Visual Arts. I wish that I had dropped the visual arts part, but it is a second teachable and looks good on a resume.
  • I got a Bachelor's of Education from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario last April. I have since been trying to find a teaching job but nothing has come of it. I am intending on submitting my application again to the Windsor/Essex County school board and hoping to get on the supply list.
  • Ryan and I are more than ready to get our relationship moving forward and getting to the next step. We both desperately want to be married, but he wants a medium sized wedding so we are waiting for the finances to start coming in. When we do get engaged we are planning on having a very short engagement, likely 3-6 months.  If we get engaged in 2009 (which we likely will) I want an October 2009 wedding. My ideal date would be the friday after thanksgiving (october 16th) so that people who do have to travel in from out of province can hopefully combine it with a thanksgiving trip to see  family in Windsor. If not October then I will likely look at March or April 2010.
  • We decided to adopt a cat as a way to seal our bond to each other. We both consider ourselves his "mom and dad" and look at Marvin as being the first new member of our family.  We would LOVE to start having children but we are afraid his parents would KILL US if they found out that we got pregnant before we were married (nevermind the fact that his parents got married after dating for a year and a half at 20 & 21, and that were pregnant with Ryan when they were 26,  and that we are living together and in a solid and stable relationship, we aren't married yet so it doesn't matter).  
  • I am what most people would consider "crunchy" in terms of my opinions towards most things. I like to take a natural approach to living and my dream is to someday own a property of land where our house is "off-the-grid" and we grow a majority of our vegetables. In terms of parenting I am a fan of cloth diapers, and love the idea of self-weaning a child - I will not let my child go past 2.5 for breastfeeding, but I don't want to force him to stop if he isn't ready.  Since we want our children to be about 2-3 years apart in age, I think that a second pregnancy would be the perfect catalyst to stop breastfeeding since my milk will dry up
  • When we do get pregnant, I am planning on either a home water-birth or awater birth in a birthing centre. I don't appreciate interventionary techniques that most OB-GYN's and hospitals favour and I want my pregnancy to be as natural and fulfilling as possible.
  • Ryan and I are often relatively solitary. We don't have many friends but the friends we do have are very close to us. We currently are closest to Brian and Kendra and their son Ethan (almost 2). They are different from us in many ways, but they have been together as long as we have (about 3 months longer) and while they got married young and had children young, we have a lot in common.
  • Kaytie is one of my childhood best friends (since grade 7) and we have had our ups and downs. Right now we haven't talked a whole lot since she is living out in Newfoundland and we have grown apart. I still consider her one of my closest friends, but I have a hard time connecting with her. We have both made some mistakes in our relationship, but I am still hopeful that we can get past it all and have a successful relationship
  • Katie is another of my best friends and we went through high school together. Last year we lived together in London and while it put a strain on our relationship we came out closer I think. We both have matured in the months since we lived together (I moved out last april) and I consider us really close now.
  • Angelo and Tarra are another close set of friends. We are all gamers and get along really well. We enjoy spending time with him.
  • Daryll and Melissa are close friends of mine that go all the way back to high school, and I love seeing them. I consider them among really close friends. They are hardcore geeks and love to play boardgames with us, and we always have an awesome time hanging out with them.
  • I am a crafter and while I haven't done much in the past while, I do knit, sew, scrapbook and do paper crafts. When we do get married I plan on doing a lot of the decorations myself to save money and to speed up the process.
  • I LOVE playing video games. Right now my current favourites are World of  Warcraft and Pokemon: Pearl, but we have all 3 current generation systems and I often hop between games on those. I have a commitment problem with video games, in that I keep getting distracted and start new games before I finish others.
  • My friends and I are trying to play some D&D regularly, but it ends up being that we are all busy so can't get together on the weekends.  We also try to play some regular board games, but again time isn't on our side.
If there is anything else that you want to know, please ask away :)
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